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obedience & the dark valley

Do we fear the unknown of starting a new Church?  Certainly!  Will we succeed?  Who knows?  God does.


And with the peace that comes with an unrestrained surrender to His will, we will walk through these future difficult times. Yes, even through the darkness, for He is with us.  Washington Street can be down right frightening should we decide that we are capable of meeting the tremendous need that the area presents.


Our vision is to begin with setting tables of food on the street the - Manna Ministry - as we were involved with before.  Setting food and cloths on a street corner/parking lot in less fortunate neighborhoods, and assimilate people into small groups as the basis for the Church; helping individuals in their journey, as they discover their place in God's kingdom, and ministry gifting.  As 'Home Churches' grow, we will begin looking for a public meeting place for Friday evenings or Sunday afternoons worship services - Tabernacle-ing - a place were the Manna Ministry and Home Churches can meet for public worship.


At the center of all ministry will be a strong focus on Worship - worthing God, with a passion for His holiness and reverence toward Him in all things.


a vision of God on His throne

Worship is a high priority.  In teaching about worship, people are drawn into that reverent, self-giving to God, based on a relationship rightly realized - His all-in-all vs. our fallenness.  Out of a right understanding comes a divine gratitude that results in service [worship].  People are willing when passionate about a glimpse of God - seeing Him from a Biblical perspective. (Isa. 6)  A love for God births a zeal to passionately communicate heartfelt longings for truth, and for people to enter into His household.  It is contagious.  Understanding our culture is key to conveying the message of Christ, and Him crucified, and entering the Lords rest and peace.  We will befriend, walking alongside, instead of ministering at people.



The Greatest Commandment and a reliant submission to the Holy Spirit.

These are the foundations that we currently hold dear; the main values acted upon both common and unique - both preferred, and practiced.  


We will endeavor to plant a Biblically balanced, relevant community, ministering to the less fortunate, with worship at its center.  Raising up leaders to love the Holiness of God, reverence for His Word, His cross, and His deity.  His desire will be proclaimed in all things.


We will continue in spite of opposition, and be sensitive to the culture around us - not lording it over them but in service toward them.


We will endeavor to look for opportunity in building, from within our midst, those whom God is saving, and from average people whom God desires to do extraordinary things; train them in holy living to prepare them as leaders, in order to build others up for the same purpose.

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