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Pottstown - the backdrop

Pottstown is hurting economically & spiritually

It is a small former industrial town suffering from a depressed economy as industry has dried-up within the borough. Pottstown has suffered from spiritual dryness as well, and for some time - years in fact.

The area has suffered from scandal and a general lack of trust within the Christian community, including Church splits and strife among denominations. The Christian community is longing for Kingdom Work and a rebuilding of trust, first within the church, and a commitment to be the Body of Christ within the community.

We intend to connecting with local Churches and Ministries to partner and become part of the local faith community leadership to help reestablish a visible church that cares.

Pottstown's social problems are based economically, between those who have, living on the borders of the borough, and those without becoming more distinct in their differences as one lives closest to the center of town, creating a polarizing effect between the haves and have-not's.

This can be seen by the sever drop in income, the mentally challenged, and reliance on governmental programs, the closer one live to the center of town, and the affluence that is evidenced the further one moves from the center of town. 

Washington and Chestnut Streets are at the heart of Pottstown. Here, life is busy, as people struggle to make ends meet. It is these people Jesus loves and has called us to with the message of God's love, and His kingdom.

Profusion, the mad rush to keep-up, births fear and desperation. In his book, Hurtling Toward Oblivion, Dr. Richard Swenson outlines a logical argument for the end of the age that he calls profusion. In his book, he describes the effects of the realistic phenomenon of More/Faster; a simple equation that is being played-out within our world today.

More + Faster + Fallen-ness = The End of the Age. 

We can see this concept at work...

  • Within business: called efficiencies, or the "do more with less" mentality within every corporation, beginning with those at the top and impacting those who cannot see why or where this is coming from;
  • Within Government:  the same concepts apply from the business world, except that the effects - the ramifications - are evidenced on a broader stage -- the world;
  • Health and Welfare: the way we view, and ultimately take care of people; etc.

Working within corporate America, I have a real vantage point to see why these trickle-down effects impact us, seemingly for no reason. They are economicly driven by investment. Money is the motivation for efficiency, downsizing, and any number of buzz-words that mean layoff, little opportunity and poor wages for those who cannot keep-up.

We have heard the complaint both on the street, and up to the Vice Presidents office within major corporations, and there is no turning back time. Those on the street (who do not have the perspective or the stamina of the upper office) truly are tossed and have no idea why. Their lives are busy hectic from trying to stay ahead of the wrecking ball while on a rollercoaster that seems to be getting faster and more fierce all of the time.

How can they become quieted - still - content - peaceful, in order to hear from God; to hear His still small voice.
We would like to work hard to create a place called still waters, that the people of Pottstown would be able to find that peace and quietness, in order to hear from God and be changed; so that they could walk with God in the cool of the day.

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